Fun Activities for Seniors

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Fun on the Go with Seniors

  • Animals:  Visit a pet store.
  • Eating Out:  Go to a favorite restaurant in mid-afternoon when it is not busy and just get dessert and coffee.
  • Entertainment:  See about concerts and plays at your local high school for low-cost/low-stress live entertainment.
  • Special Events:  See if there are senior fairs going on in your community.  Check out senior day care facilities for special activities or just visit once in a while.
  • Reminisce:  Your cable network might carry the “oldies” stations. If not purchase old TV shows on DVD like “I Love Lucy” or the “Marx Brothers” for a laugh.
  • Make Music:  Fiddle around with instruments – kid instruments like thumb pianos, simple lap harps, and recorders can be inexpensive and fun just to experiment with.
  • See if there are local bingo games – Your loved one will likely grow to look forward to a routine social outing like this!
  • What about bowling?  There are many health benefits of bowling and certainly some social perks as well!


Activity Ideas that Build the Body

Any activity that encourages physical movement will help you build your body. However, before you embark on any new exercise regimen or physical activity, get your physician’s approval.

Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers is a program that offers Medicare-eligible adults memberships to participating fitness centers. The program encourages healthy living through fitness classes, social gatherings, and seminars on healthy living. Seniors can also have access to a program advisor and online support to help address seniors’ unique health needs.

Senior Olympics

The National Senior Games Association oversees the Senior Olympics. Seniors compete on a state level in a variety of sports with a goal of winning a national championship. Check the directory for your state’s games to learn how to get involved.


A walk in your neighborhood, at the mall, along the beach or around your favorite park is a great way to start the day.

For variety, combine walking with another activity such as bird watching, a scavenger hunt, or letterboxing (an outdoor activity that combines hiking and treasure hunting). If you have a handheld GPS or Smartphone, geocaching (similar to letterboxing but using GPS coordinates) might be your thing.


Many communities are building bikeways along abandoned inter-urban railway lines. Your local or county parks department can provide you with bike path locations and even maps, or you can look on Trail Link, the trails to rails conservancy, to see if there are paths near you.


Canoeing and kayaking are excellent ways to get outdoors, get some exercise, and see nature. Best of all, you don’t have to buy a boat. Canoe liveries rent everything you need at reasonable rates.


Walking along the bank of your favorite stream or lake in search of that elusive trout or catfish can provide a wonderful, low-impact workout. If you happen to hook a “keeper,” you’ll have all the exercise you can handle and then some.


Whether swimming vigorous laps or lazily dog paddling around the pool, water can provide rigorous and beneficial exercise for seniors. It is a great way to increase circulation, and it is the perfect exercise for those who struggle with arthritis since it places no pressure on the joints.